what we do

Anchor purchases underperforming assets at full original value in either cash, trade or a combination of both.

Our programs restore the full value to underperforming assets and create efficiencies to the bottom line. In exchange, our clients agree to run a pre-determined amount of normally budgeted media through Anchor.

Anchor can alleviate any losses inherent with the ongoing plight of excess inventory and other underperforming assets including problematic real estate, capital equipment, unwanted sponsorships and more.

assets we purchase:

Excess Inventory, Real Estate, Unwanted Sponsorships,
Capital Equipment, Fleet Vehicles, Trade Claims

Asset management:

  • Assets are only sold to accounts that are pre-approved by the client
  • Anchor provides shipping instructions for shipment/transfer of assets directly to pre-approved accounts
  • Warehouse Facilities: 6 Domestic Warehouse Facilities | 2 Bonded Warehouses in California and Florida
  • Brand equity, retail partners and established price-points are protected at all times